Romantic Church Wedding in Stockholm, Sweden


Noëmie and Fredrik have an international love story. Though Noëmie is from France and Fredrik is from Sweden, They met while both working in the Czech Republic. 

Neither of them intended to live in the Czech Republic forever, and after Fredrik moved back to Stockholm it was clear a long distance relationship wasn't for them. Noëmie moved to Stockholm, where the pair now live together. 


The church they married in is significant to Fredrik's family — it's where most members of the family were married and baptized. It's also where his father is buried, which meant marrying there was a way to be close to him on their wedding day. 


After the ceremony, their closest friends and family gathered for an intimate reception at Hågelbyparken, a beautiful manor house south of Stockholm. The house is the things European dreams are made of, bathed in natural light, with French-style doors opening up room to room. 

Here's the thing about Swedish summers: Days are long. Nöemie and Fredrik married in early July, only a week or so after the Summer Solstice (which, side note, is a huge deal in Sweden and I'm sad I missed the celebrations by a few days). At this time of year, it only stays truly dark for a few hours each night, between about 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. 

It was close to 10 p.m. when we stepped outside to take some portraits of them by the water on the Hågelbyparken estate. I pumped my camera's ISO way up to capture these romantic shots of them, which were taken in almost complete darkness. I adore the way the grain gives the shots a filmy, intimate look. 

Daryl LindseyHågelbyparken