About Daryl: 

I'm a girl that grew up with a boy's name on the not-so-mean streets of Long Island, New York.  Making a few stops along the way, I eventually found my way to Salt Lake City, Utah and now call it home.

I love food, travel, and spontaneous adventures. I believe in shamelessly dancing even when others are watching. Life is too short to worry much on the opinions of others when you can spend that time loving who you are and what you are doing. 

I believe in being unapologetically yourself and fearlessly pursuing your dreams...both of which I am trying to do every day.  

Chances are that I want to meet you. Why? Because I LOVE love, and there's nothing better to me than meeting people who are in love! I believe that your love story is one worth telling, and photography is such a beautiful and important part of that.  I want you to look at your photos thirty years from now and remember exactly what you were feeling at the moment they were taken.  To me, that is a million times more important than just a pretty picture.